About QSA


This is an organization that will help raise awareness for the queer community of Kearney. We strive for the acceptance of sexual minorities and support the coexistence of queer individuals and straight individuals.

Queer Straight Alliance at University of Nebraska at Kearney started in the Fall of 2008. We started this organization to celebrate and welcome everyone’s individuality. We support homosexual people, bisexual people, transgender people, straight allies, and everyone in-between! The organization would like to make all people feel safe - regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

We participate on campus to raise LGBTQA awareness. We offer sexual orientation education and equality for all individuals. QSA also fights discrimination, harassment, and violence in schools.

Join QSA if you want to...

• Help raise awareness for queer issues.
• Share your opinions and feelings with an open-minded group of people.
• Meet new people who have the same interests.
• Understand and appreciate diversity.
• Volunteer and organize multicultural programs.
• Learn about queer issues and politics.
• Have fun while making a difference.

Events That QSA Sponsors

• The "BOOM" Dance and Drag Show
• Pink Triangle Training Workshops
• Gayme Night
• UNK Support Love Week
• Day of Silence
• Day of Pink
• T-Shirt Sales
• Transgender Day of Remembrance
• Queer-themed Movie Nights
• Group Socials (bowling, holiday parties, dinners, ect.)
• ...and the list keeps growing EVERY YEAR! So please, bring your ideas!