• When and where are QSA meetings?
The time and location for the 2011-2012 meetings is 8:00PM in Room 312 of the Nebraskan Student Union.

• Is there a fee to join QSA?
No - and there never will be! It is stated in the constitution that QSA will always be free.

• Do I have to be queer to come to meetings?
Nope! QSA is not only made up of queer students, but straight allies as well. Heterosexual supporters are great assets to the group.

• Do I have to disclose my sexual orientation/gender identity at meetings?
Only if you want to! Nobody in QSA will force you to disclose your sexual orientation or gender identity. We understand that some members may not be comfortable coming out yet, and that is perfectly fine.

• Is QSA focused on gays and lesbians, or will we discuss other orientations as well?
QSA is not just just a gay/lesbian group. QSA consists of members all across the spectrum of sexuality and gender identity. Therefore, we will discuss all aspects of queer culture, not just gay/lesbian aspects. This includes bisexual, transgender, asexual, intersex, and many other aspects as well.

• If I share personal information at a QSA meeting, is my privacy at risk? Will I be outed if I come to meetings?
No. QSA takes the privacy of our members very seriously. At the beginning of each meeting, a confidentiality statement is read. This statement says that all information said in meetings is meant to be be kept confidential, and anyone who disagrees must leave the meeting. Nobody has never been outed by another QSA member before, and we sincerely doubt that it will ever happen. However, if anyone does out another member against their will, there will be severe consequences.

• Can I start coming to meetings in the middle of the semester?
Of course! You can join QSA at any point in the school year. Feel free to begin coming to meetings whenever the time is right.

• What happens if I miss several meetings in a row? Am I allowed to come back?
Yes. QSA understands that each person has individual priorities that may conflict with meetings. Don't feel bad if you miss meetings! Take time off whenever you need to. You will always be welcomed back to QSA with open arms.

• Is there a way I can keep up with what QSA is doing without going to the meetings?
There are several ways! The best way would be to sign up for our mailing list. If you sign up for our mailing list, you will be sent the minutes for each QSA meeting. The minutes include detailed descriptions of what goes on at meetings, so you will always know what we are up to! Please contact the president (Jenna Workman - workmanjl@lopers.unk.edu) to be added to the mailing list.

The other ways you can keep up with QSA is by joining our facebook page, checking the website's update page, or by following our twitter!

• Can I volunteer to help with events even if I don't go to meetings?
Yes! QSA would love any extra help! Please contact the president (Jenna Workman - workmanjl@lopers.unk.edu) if you would like to volunteer your time.

• What UNK program sponsors QSA?
The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) sponsors QSA.

• Why do you use the word "queer" in your group's title? Isn't it kind of offensive?
For an explanation of why we chose to title our group Queer Straight Alliance, please click here!

• How many members does QSA have?
The number of QSA's active members fluctuates. During the 2010-2011 school year, QSA probably averaged between 20-30 people a meeting. However, the numbers may be bigger or smaller depending on factors such as the time of year, amount of advertising, and others.

• What other campus groups does QSA collaborate with?
QSA collaborates largely with the student groups under the Office of Multicultural Affairs. We also enjoy cooperating with the UNK Young Democrats and the UNK Women's Center. If you are in a student group that is interested in cooperating with QSA, please contact the president (Jenna Workman - workmanjl@lopers.unk.edu). We love to form new partnerships!