The Preamble

We, the students of the University of Nebraska at Kearney, under the authority of the Office of Multicultural Affairs, create a system that: encourages cooperation, coordination, and communication among all students; enhances student development through educational and social programming; promotes the welfare of the university community as a whole; and establishes an effective and representative body for queer-related issues. Therefore, we hereby establish this constitution of the Queer Straight Alliance at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

The Constitution

I. Name and Organization

All rights and responsibilities granted herein shall be vested in the University of Nebraska at Kearney (known hereafter as UNK), the Queer Straight Alliance (known hereafter as QSA), and the Office of Multicultural Affairs (known hereafter as OMA). QSA shall function in accordance with all OMA and UNK policies .

II. Purposes

A. To support the social and emotional well-being of queer students and their allies.
B. To perform community activism that encourages equality and respect for queer students.
C. To provide educational opportunities in order to increase awareness for queer issues.

III. Membership

A. Requirements
1. All undergraduate students and graduate students of UNK are able to be members of QSA.
2. Students who don’t attend UNK and other people from the community are welcome to attend QSA meetings, but they will not be considered official members.

B. Fees
1. There shall be no required fee in order to become a member of QSA.
2. An optional membership fee may be proposed by the executive board as an attempt at fundraising, but failure to pay the fee will not negate membership status.

C. Records
1. The secretary’s sign-in sheets (used to keep track of voting rights) and the secretary’s email list (used to send out minutes) will be the only existing records of QSA membership.
2. All membership lists will be kept completely confidential in order to respect the personal privacy of the members.

IV. The Executive Board

A. Composition
1. The Executive Board shall be composed of the following five positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Advertising Coordinator.

B. Terms
1. All executive board terms shall run from the beginning of the fall semester through the end of the spring semester.
2. If the position of the president becomes vacant, the vice president shall automatically serve as president of QSA unless the vice president desires to keep their position.
a. If the vice president chooses to accept the position of president, the new vice president shall be elected through a majority vote of QSA members.
b. If the vice president chooses to keep their position as vice president, then the new president shall be elected through a majority vote of QSA members.
3. If the position of vice president, secretary, treasurer, or advertising coordinator becomes vacant, then the new officer will be elected through a majority vote of QSA members.

C. Board Meetings
1. The executive board will meet at least once a week outside of the regular QSA meeting time.
2. The executive board meeting will occur at a time prior to each regular QSA meeting.
3. The first executive board meeting of the year shall occur during the first week of the fall semester. A permanent executive board meeting time for the fall semester will be established at that time. A different time can be scheduled for spring semester if the board members’ schedules change.

D. Attendance
1. All executive board members shall attend all meetings and programs of QSA unless excused by the rest of the executive board.
2. Executive board members are not permitted to miss more than two consecutive QSA meetings or a total of more than three QSA meetings per semester.
3. In the event that an executive board member misses more than two consecutive QSA meetings or a total of more than three QSA meetings per semester, the QSA members may vote to retain the officer by simple majority of members present. Otherwise, the position will be vacated.

V. Officers

A. The President
1. Shall preside over regular QSA meetings and facilitate discussion between members.
2. Shall organize and preside over weekly executive board meetings.
3. Shall represent QSA at weekly OMA meetings with the vice president.
4. Shall serve as the ultimate communicator between all executive board members, regular members, and advisors.
5. Shall be responsible for approving the meeting agenda made by the vice president.
6. Shall form committees of QSA members to perform tasks when necessary.
7. Shall delegate tasks to officers, members, and committees.
8. Shall set appropriate deadlines for tasks.
9. Shall reserve rooms, tables, and anything else that is required for specific events unless the task is delegated to another officer or member.
10. Shall network with the leaders of other student groups and organizations.
11. Shall create weekly ice breakers to facilitate group bonding.
12. Shall maintain record of the presidency to be passed on to the next president.
13. Shall follow through with the tasks of officers, members, and committees if the delegated tasks fail to be completed on time.

B. The Vice President
1. Shall preside over regular QSA meetings and facilitate discussion between members in the absence of the president.
2. Shall organize and preside over weekly executive board meetings in the absence of the president.
3. Shall represent QSA at weekly OMA meetings with the president.
4. Shall set agenda for regular QSA meetings based on secretary’s minutes.
5. Shall print off agendas and bring them to distribute at meetings

C. The Secretary
1. Shall record accurate minutes at each QSA regular meeting.
2. Shall send out minutes via email no later than two days after each meeting.
3. Shall send out reminders to members before meetings and events.

D. The Treasurer
1. Shall keep diligent records of the group's spending.
2. Shall provide a spending report at each QSA meeting.
3. Shall price items for events, such as decorations and food, and make sure they fit in the budget BEFORE we buy.
4. Shall organize fundraisers when necessary.
5. Shall write proposals for funds when necessary.
6. Shall work with OMA in order to organize and keep track of QSA's budget.
7. Shall communicate with the president and vice president about the financial situation.

E. The Advertising Coordinator
1. Shall create advertisements to hang around campus.
2. Shall get ads signed and approved AT LEAST 8 days before events.
3. Shall distribute ads around campus AT LEAST 7 days before events.
4. Shall put events in the student newsletter.
5. Shall contact newspapers to advertise events when necessary.

VI. Budget

A. The president and treasurer who have been elected for the following school year, with the help of the current president and treasurer, shall construct a fiscal budget for QSA each spring semester for the following year.
B. If deemed necessary, the treasurer shall request funding from OMA or the UNK Senate.
C. Fundraisers will be regularly organized by the treasurer throughout the year.
D. QSA shall hear proposals from individuals or groups requesting financial assistance for sponsorship of programs. Individuals or groups requesting financial assistance must present their request at a QSA meeting. Funding is granted on a 2/3 majority vote.

VII. Meetings

A. Meeting Time
1. The first regular QSA meeting of the school year shall occur during the second week of the fall semester. A permanent QSA meeting time for the year shall be established during this meeting.

B. Confidentiality Statement
1. The following statement must be said by the president before every meeting: “All information including the names of the people who are here today is kept confidential and shall remain confidential forever. Although we know there is no guarantee confidentially will be kept, all people present must understand that the information said in meetings may be sensitive to the well-being of members of QSA. Confidentially can only be broken if someone discloses harm to self, harm to others, child neglect, or abuse. If the people present do not agree with this, we ask that you please leave now.”

VIII. Voting

A. Voting Rights and Process
1. In order to vote, a person must be considered an official member of QSA.
2. To obtain voting rights, members must attend at least two consecutive QSA meetings.
3. Members will lose voting rights if they are absent for two consecutive meetings unless the absence was pre-approved by the executive board.
4. All voting members shall have one vote each.
5. The president’s vote will only be counted in the event of a tie.
6. A QSA member chosen at random shall count the votes.
7. All elections shall be by secret ballot.

B. Motions
1. All proposals and resolutions must be motioned at a regular QSA meeting by a QSA member.
2. All motions must be seconded by another QSA member.
3. After the motion has been seconded, open discussion concerning the proposal will occur.
4. After open discussion, a vote on the motion will occur.
5. All proposals not concerning the constitution must pass by a simple majority of all QSA members present.

C. Elections
1. All officers shall be elected sometime during the second half of the spring semester. Their terms will begin in fall semester of the next academic year and will run through the end of spring semester.
2. Any person intending to run for a position must notify the executive board at least one week prior to the election by applying for the position.
3. The president and vice president shall distribute applications for executive board positions at least two weeks prior to the election date.
4. Applications should be sent to the president and the candidate information should be sent through the email list by the secretary.
5. In the event that the president is up for election, another QSA member may collect applications and distribute information.
6. To be declared winner, a candidate must receive a simple majority of the votes of all members present.

D. Constitutional Amendments
1. Revision of the QSA constitution may only be voted upon when there is a quorum at a QSA meeting. A quorum for constitutional amendments consists of 2/3 of all QSA members. A quorum for all other matters shall be at least fifty-one percent of all QSA members.
2. All amendments to the constitution shall be in written form, and upon approval by QSA, shall become effective at the next meeting of QSA.
3. Amendments cannot be voted on until the meeting following their first reading.
4. Approval of amendments requires a 2/3 majority vote of all QSA voting members present.